Zombie Survival Kit

Posted by Dan | Posted in Blog | Posted on 29-10-2011


I’m packing a law-abiding Zombie Survival Kit. This is like a regular Zombie Survival Kit (something you all should have under your bed), but basically without weapons or anything that explodes: Hallowe’en in prison — while no doubt fascinating — is not how I wish to spend it.

So far I have packed:

  • Camera — Why do you never see these in zombie movies? Absolutely essential
  • Stationery — Never leave home without it
  • Red marker pen — Explanation here
  • Toothbrush — Because clean teeth are happy teeth
  • First Aid Kit
  • Alcohol — Disinfectant, explosive, alcoholic
  • Zippo — When lighting a Molotov, you have to look cool. A disposable lighter just won’t do
  • Those things girls put in their hair which you can use to pick locks — To pick locks
  • Condoms — Avoid infection
  • Paper map — In case Google Maps goes down
  • Chocolate
  • Sellotape
  • Stapler — Backup weapon
  • A little bubble blower thing I got given at my cousin’s wedding — I’ve kept it this long in the hope I’ll eventually find a use for it. No sense to stop now
  • Toilet paper — Nothing worse than running out of this
  • Monocular
  • Flashlight
  • Cloth to clean my glasses
  • Fingerless gloves — They make you feel powerful
What am I missing? I’ll post a photo of me decked out in all this on Monday.  😀