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If you wear this, I am legally allowed to murder you with your own teeth.

Dizzee Rarscoo

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There are many things I dislike.

One of them is MC Dizzee Rascal, an “English rapper, songwriter and record producer whose music is a blend of garage, hip hop, grime, ragga, pop and electronic music, with extremely eclectic samples and more exotic styles” (according to Wikipedia).  A modern-day poet, you’ve probably heard the works of this “boy in da corner”: they include the songs I Luv U, Hold Ya Mouf and U Can’t Tell Me Nuffin’.

There’s a lot about this creature I don’t understand: why he’s so obscenely famous; why he’s always playing gigs like Reading Festival when there’s absolutely nothing indie, rock, or otherwise ‘alternative’ about him; why he chose a stage name he can’t pronounce… but the question that tops them all is what the hell is he saying??

If a song has good lyrics I can appreciate it no matter what the genre.  To me, lyrics are the most important part of music and even the greatest guitar solo on earth won’t be enough for me to overlook an atrocious lyric (Sting, I’m looking at you).

Anyway, in an attempt to become more ghetto I’ve been listening to the lyrics of Mr Rascal this evening and wish to share my musings with you, dear Internet.

Below is his timeless classic Stand Up Tall.  It reached number 10 in the charts, and all three words in the title are spelled correctly.  I have taken the time to write the lyrics down, as you may have trouble making them out if this is your first time hearing the song.  In purple I have added my interpretation of these insightful lyrics, although welcome fellow scholars to contribute to my analysis as it got a little too much for me nearer the end.

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