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I have a netbook that I’m not using.  Anyone interested?

It’s a “Dan Improved” version of the Samsung NC20 (which is still selling for £400).


“Dan Improved” means:

* Replaced the 1GB of fairly ‘meh’ RAM with 2GB of high-speed Crucial RAM
* Replaced Windows XP Home with Windows 7 Professional (although kept the sticker on, so technically you’ll get the license key to both operating systems)
* Includes a very sexy fitted leather case. By ‘fitted’ I mean you won’t ever need to remove the case as you can still access everything with it on, which makes it nice and durable
* Includes portable, external Samsung DVD drive

Samsung NC20Samsung NC20Samsung NC20

Samsung NC20Samsung NC20

It’s 12.1″, which I found to be an advantage as it meant a bigger, clearer screen and a full-size keyboard. While it’s still incredibly light, take note of the size because I know you can get some stupidly tiny netbooks that are like 8″.

I used it for almost a year, then someone helpfully spilt a drink in it. Luckily it was still in warranty, so I sent it back to Samsung who gave it a new keyboard and motherboard, and a ‘guaranteed to work’ certificate thingy. (In other words: while the chassis is a year old, the stuff inside is practically new. Win. 🙂 )

{They took more than a month before they sent it back to me, so in the meantime I bought a laptop. Hence my reason for selling this; I don’t need it.}

Drop me a message over Twitter if you’re interested. Local nerds/people I actually know will be given preference.

I’m looking for between £300 – £350 for the lot. Considering Win 7 Pro alone is £100 (and you get the XP key on top of that) that’s really not a bad deal. I can also advise on software to get the best performance out of this, and if you let me know what you’ll be using it for I can tailor it to your needs.

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