No Sympathy

Posted by Dan | Posted in Misanthropy | Posted on 16-07-2011


As I was walking home a man approached me, shoved me against a shop window, muttered “You startin’ sumfin?” then tried to punch me in the head.

Thankfully his friends, who seemed very nonchalant (as if he does this a lot), called out “James” a few times and eventually he responded and carried on walking with them.

As much as I respect people who say that every human life carries equal weight, I simply cannot agree and people like James are a perfect example of why. Can you honestly tell me it would be a bad thing if people like him met an untimely demise? I, for one, wouldn’t see it as a great loss.

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If there so happens to be a “Dooms Day”, I hope the greatest impact would hit those with which we could re-dub such, “Dumbs Day”. 😛

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