Posted by Dan | Posted in Blog | Posted on 14-11-2010


Oh hey, it’s my boss!  Fancy us being in the same pub together.  I should go over and say hi.

She’s looking the other way.  I have a menu in my hand; I’ll tap her on the shoulder with it to get her attention.

As the menu is about to make contact she turns, and I hit her boob.  Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.

“Hiiiii!  How’s it going?  This is my boyfriend.”

Right.  The obligatory handshake.  Fortunately I was raised to know the value of a firm handshake so I will definitely pass this test and redeem my accidental sexual harassment.


Aaaaand it turns out he’s a limp handshaker.  A very limp one.  With no resisting force, my handshake causes his body to shake and the drink in his other hand to spill all down him.


Smooth, Dan.  Smooth.

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