Must-Have For OS Geeks

Posted by Dan | Posted in Nerd | Posted on 30-06-2011


If you run more than one operating system on your machine, you’re no doubt aware of the dull default bootloaders that rape your eyesockets every time your machine powers up.

Eyesocket-raping default bootloader

I’ve just discovered BURG (it’s GRUB backwards, and rather loosely stands for “Brand new Unified loadeR from GRUB” — they might as well just call it “Beautify UR GRUB” really). Despite the poor acronym, this is an absolute must-have for any machine running more than one operating system: it brings a much-needed GUI to replace the aged text-only interface.

Here are some screenshots to give you a taste of what it can do:

Big thanks to OMG! Ubuntu! for making me aware of this neat little tool. Click the link to get it and for a simple walkthrough on how to install it.

UPDATE: For Ubuntu 12.04, follow this guide.