The trouble with drinking your problems away…

Posted by Dan | Posted in Writing | Posted on 25-02-2011


When the news came
I blitzed it fast
drowned my thoughts in Gentleman Jack
and hammered the survivors who tried to fight back

hand in hand with Jack Denial’s
we killed the memory
before it could draw its first breath

now it’s funny
(as in unusual)
because what I ought to know
I merely suspect

like I woke up too fast from a nightmare
and some of it still lingers
I’m looking for that necessary clarity
before screaming

but it’s gone
I avoided that sensation
that firm kick to the back of the knees
has been scratched out of my memory

but I still have the grazes

and now I’m here collecting
the shards of last night
like a drunk dreamer
working out which pieces are real and remain

I find the emptiness first
echoing too loudly to ignore

the regret is still there
for not showing you more
when I had the chance

when I find the jealousy I apologise
for mistaking it for fiction for so long

the rage is still there
oh yes, the rage is definitely still there

and, although I’ve yet to find it
I know the truth is still there, somewhere
because for all the things drink can erase
I’m sorry to say that truth is not one of them

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