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Posted by Dan | Posted in Censorship, Misanthropy, Religion | Posted on 15-04-2012


Latest additions to the ‘things which made me angry this week’ list…

  1. A man in Indonesia faces up to five years in prison for writing “God does not exist” on Facebook. [Article][Petition]
  2. A man in London has been convicted for saying “cunt” on Twitter. [Link 1] [Link 2]
  3. An art student in Canada took the following photograph for her coursework:


An international adviser working for the university tore down the image, damaging the student’s work in the process. Thompson Rivers University said the woman who tore down the poster “was acting on behalf of other Muslim students, and not in her official capacity.” [Link]


Kinda wish I was at #AtheistCon right now so I could have a reasoned, logical debate with these guys. They look like they’d be up for it. (You get a cookie if you can find a single woman in that crowd, by the way.)



Sounds like a great event. Atheists are singing “Always look on the bright side of life” and offering hugs to the irate protesters.


Favourite tweets from the event so far:

@Simbera: Apostrophe crimes are worse than apostasy crimes

@CoranStow: When they call out “allahu akbar”, respond with “it’s a trap!”







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